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  1. binyomin friedman
    December 15, 2015

    Where did you find obtain the picture of R’ Aharon zt”l? The OU magazine ran a broader version of it and I would like to make a copy of it for my office. I attempted to contact them but have not receive a reply.


  2. David Grossman
    November 21, 2016

    In your humour article, you cite a quote about Avraham falling on his face and laughing. Can you cite the source iof this statement? It’s not in my Chumash!


    • davidpruwer
      November 21, 2016

      Sure! It’s in Bereishit 17:17: “Vayipol Avaraham al Panav va’yitzchak…”


  3. מיכאל
    November 14, 2017

    thank you for all your essays, I really enjoy them.
    In your essay on laughter you quote Kohn’s book, ‘Rabbinic Humour.’ I’ve spent a long time (unsuccessfully) trying to find a copy (any language, digital or print). Did you yourself manage to access the actual text? If so- where?
    Again, thank you.


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